A comprehensive survey on lemon cupcakes: classic recipes and variations

Published: 03rd May 2011
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Cupcakes! They sound simple, right? They are undeniably one of the most common if not the most popular of pastries. It is easy to do and you can go crazy with the tons of flavor options that will definitely appeal to anyone. One of the most popular of cupcake recipes is that of the lemon cupcakes. Throughout the years, several versions of this classic recipe have been published and even experts like Martha Stewart tackled it and created complex recipes. One particular recipe that some people get inspired from is the extremely delicate mile-high lemon meringue pie. Transforming it to cupcake is possible but really tough. Before going to complex recipes, let us look at the basics components of the classic lemon cupcakes.

The "cake"

The sparest of lemon cupcakes will utilize the most basic ingredients. Flour, butter, eggs, baking powder and sugar are the most basic components to create the dough part of the cupcake. A cupcake has a lightweight and crumbly texture and as you can see, it has more dry than wet ingredients. Water is not included in most recipes since the aim here is to make the cake as light and fluffy as possible. The butter and eggs act as the binder for all the dry ingredients so you get a rather thick consistency that will not run. You put only a little amount on the cupcake mold since it will expand as it bakes.


The lemon cupcakes can have additional ingredients depending on how the person wants to add flavor and aroma to the overall recipe. Lemon zest is a very popular component that you can put so that there is a distinct aroma and mild lemon flavor that you can get. Be sure to grate only the colored part of the lemon to prevent the bitter white part. To add extra aroma and flavor, vanilla extract can also be included in the recipe. It could be placed sans the lemon zest if you wish to make cupcakes of different flavors aside from lemon. Some people prefer caster sugar than the regular sugar. It all depends on your taste.

The frosting

This is where most of the variations really come in lemon cupcakes. The frosting is mainly made up of icing sugar, butter, and lemon juice and lemon zest. This is actually going to create some peaks but will become spreadable in consistency when you put the lemon juice. The next popular format is the use of egg whites, sugar, lemon juice and zest, salt and cream of tartar. This recipe will create a meringue format that is very popular for those who like a more gourmet appeal to their recipe. For those who want it to look rustic, the lemon custard has got to be the most popular filling or spread for the lemon cupcakes. It is also very easy with ingredients consisting of lemon juice and zest, butter, eggs and sugar. It will have a thick and luxurious texture that you can spread on top of the cupcake.

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